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The project


Started on 1 July 2013, GARR-X Progress is an infrastructure-strengthening project for the Regions of Convergence, funded by the Italian Ministry of Research and Education in the framework of call D.D. 274 - 15/02/2013

The project will implement an integrated e-Infrastructure over the territory of the 4 convergence regions (Calabria, Campania, Puglia and Sicily).

The New full optical next generation network

  See the map
The new infrastructure will include a full-optical next-generation network and a leading-edge distributed computing and storage environment, dedicated to the public and private Research and Education community operating on the territory. The project also includes a training plan targeting different professionals, from managers to ICT experts and researchers, and aimed at disseminating competences needed to make the best use of the new infrastructure.

GARR-X progress aims to become a key enabler for new and existing research collaborations, promoting excellence and closing a gap in the availability of e-infrastructures over the territory. Meanwhile, the project will allow testing, in a real-life environment, of new e-infrastructure models to be then exported to the larger national territory, thus contributing to achieve the objectives of the Italian and European Digital Agenda


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